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City of Fernandina Beach Runoff Election Group 4 Candidate Questionnaire: Bradley Bean

Posted by: Unknown on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 12:16:00 pm

City of Fernandina Beach Runoff Election Group 4 Candidate Questionnaire: Bradley Bean



Please provide an introduction and summary of your qualifications.

My name is Bradley Bean -  a lifelong member of our Fernandina Beach community. I was Valedictorian of the FBHS Class of 2012, and attended the University of Florida on a National Merit Scholarship.  I majored in Industrial and Systems engineering, and returned home to work as an efficiency engineer at Rayonier Advanced Materials.


At the University of Florida, I was a founder of Big Heart Gators, an organization sponsored by the Katie Caples Foundation to promote organ donation; and was inducted into Florida Blue Key, the UF leadership honor society.  Since returning home, I went through the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Nassau class, and became a member of the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club.  In my spare time, I enjoy coaching the FBHS Robotics Team.  I am a lifetime member of Memorial United Methodist Church.


Our strength as a community is a diverse economy, and that is what enables people from all walks of life to live in our beautiful city.  If elected, I will work to preserve this balance and improve our quality of life.



What do you perceive as the three greatest issues facing the Fernandina Beach business community? Please explain each.

Regulation, a business needs to be able to grow with minimal government interference.

Taxation, tax burdens are always an issue to businesses, especially small businesses.

Representation, government always needs to remain accountable to its constituents, including businesses.



How should the City of Fernandina Beach handle increasing and decreasing tax revenues caused by the normal economic cycle? Please explain.

With proper planning.  We need to look several years in advance to make sure we both meet our needs and maintain our balanced budget.

One way I like to plan and track goals is through Visual Management, which I hope to bring through the city.  Through graphics and charts that easily tell the story of our goals, I’ll keep the city accountable to our citizens.




Please rank your budgetary priorities for the City of Fernandina Beach? (1 being the most important)

Social programs and services 8

Historic Preservation 2

Accumulate money in reserves 7

Road Improvements 5

Workforce/Affordable Housing 9

Infrastructure 4

Parks & Recreation 3

Conservation and green space 6

Marina Improvements 1



Please check the box that most closely reflects your assessment of the following issues. In general, in Fernandina Beach, is there too much, too little, or the right amount of:

Taxation About Right

Government Rules & Regulations Too Much

Environmental Regulation About Right

Growth Management/Land Use Regulations Too Little

Please briefly explain.

I'm for less government, but also common sense policies to ensure well managed good growth. Let's watch out for trees and keep Fernandina beautiful.




I support residential development in downtown Fernandina Beach.


Please explain.:

Mixed use can really make a central business district a vibrant place, but there are sometimes unintended consequences. If there are more people living downtown let’s look into how we can solve the parking problem. I’ve seen plans that work through this issue in different ways, and we can find a way to fix this issue while preserving our historic integrity.




I support commercial development/redevelopment in Fernandina Beach.


Please explain.:

Yes, I’m all for individuals starting businesses that can beautify our city, while preserving our history. Private money funding private improvements is an excellent way for the city to continue to be beautified.




How do you recommend the City works to fill the gap of housing availability for the workforce?

Land on the island is very expensive and is increasing in value everyday.  Affordable housing exists in our area, but it might not be in city limits, it may be in Yulee.




What are your ideas for long-term goals and objectives related to the downtown water front?

Our Marina repairs need to be completed, if elected that will be my highest priority on the commission.  In the future, I’d look into a waterfront park.  Our city already has several options drawn up, it's all about seeing what we can fit into our budget.




How do you recommend that the City enhance public transportation?

There are plenty of good ideas out there, but the question is how will we pay?  I’m believe in being fiscally responsible with our money and finances.  While I agree that more public transportation is not a bad thing, do we need to spend more taxpayer dollars to increase it?

There are plenty of great groups out there that already provide transportation, such as our wonderful Council on Aging, our local Trolleys, and of course our Taxis and Ubers.




Last year, the Chamber of Commerce launched a new and updated Business Resource Center.  Services include resources, mentoring, education, advocacy and now co-working, meeting and video conferencing services.  What role does the City of Fernandina Beach play in supporting the programs and services offered by the Chamber of Commerce to support local businesses.

As a Leadership Nassau graduate, I know how beneficial programs sponsored by the Chamber can be.  I’m for a vibrant and diverse local economy and will seek out ways to support that.  We can always look into working together with other group such as the Chamber to make that goal a reality.




Additional comments you would like to share with the business community.

I am personally a testament to why we need jobs in our community.    Without opportunities for employment, locals like myself would have to move away to make a living.  I proudly work as an industrial engineer for Rayonier Advanced Materials, right here in our city.  I’ll work everyday to make sure the jobs that support our local families remain here.  




Name: Bradley Bean

Email Address: bradleymasonbean@gmail.com

Phone Number: 9044155181


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